Partnership Program

Introducing Broker (IB)

Our Introducing Broker (IB) program is an outstanding resource designed for skilled and passionate individuals in the forex or finance industry. Become Tradedu’s IB and generate tremendous income. Let us grow together!

Who is an Introducing Broker (IB)?

Introducing Brokers, better known as commodity brokers or futures brokers, is a person or a business that presents new clients to another business. It is a partnership between two parties and one that mutually benefits both respective businesses.

Benefits of Our IB Program

Unlimited Access to Powerful Trading Tools

When being an IB, it is essential to have excellent trading tools at your disposal. At Tradedu, we offer you nothing less than the best. Receive unrestricted access to advanced tools and elevate your trading experience to a new level.

Exceptional Customer Service

Expect nothing less than excellent customer service for you as well as the clients you refer. Meet industry experts and grow your connections with our top training programs, seminars, and webinars.

Trade Anywhere, Anytime

Available for download on iOS and Android, platforms allow you to trade on the go. Trade in financial markets, receive timely updates, view real-time charts, and make accurate analyses all from the convenience of your device.

White Label Partnership

Tradedu’s White Lable Partnership Program is the ideal solution for startups and established companies alike to advance further.

Our services are entirely customizable to our partner’s needs and requirements.

We deliver everything from distinct trading platforms and 24/7 support service to website development and company formation assistance.

Key Features of Our White Label Partnership

Specialized tools for client administration, risk management, and real-time reporting

Customizable client commission structures

Customize liquidation levels

Reliable hosting and administrative support

Money Management

In financial markets, money management is where money managers invest their capital in different asset classes to generate income.

Contrary to traditional financial instruments, investing in FX and CFD products enables money managers to utilize greater leverage.

Moreover, due to the tremendous liquidity in FX markets and 24/6 operations, you can trade around the clock.

Designed for You

With Tradedu, we offer the perfect solution for money managers who wish to trade and market more. We provide additional time for money managers to introduce new investors, grants unrestricted access to various trading platforms, and prepare simplified reports.

Additionally, our program combines market prices with flexible allocations while allowing you to seamlessly manage the funds under a master account. Work with absolute confidence and comfort with Tradedu.